society of men
concerned with
moral and spiritual values


Our members are instructed in the principles of proper behaviour and self knowledge by a series of ritual dramas that follow ancient forms as guides to understanding.


What’s it all about 10min Video


Why do members Join


Make new friends and acquaintances – Socialising and engagement with like-minded people is a basic instinct. Should you need to move home to a completely new location, there will be a Freemasons lodge ready to make you welcome, and to make new friends.

Family tradition – Many members are brought into Freemasonry by a blood or in-law relation. It is wonderful to see how Freemasonry can unite extended families.

Learning new personal skills – Freemasonry offers the opportunity to develop new personal skills, such as public speaking, leadership, mentoring, even administration.


Freemasonry is Accessible


Everything about Freemasonry can be read in public libraries and through the internet. Freemasonry is sometimes accused of having secrets. It does not have any secrets but we do have a respect for our historic means of recognition.


Freemasonry is Global


Under the United Grand Lodge of England, Freemasonry is the country’s oldest and largest secular fraternal organisation. Multi-cultural and multi-racial. There are some 250,000 members in over 8,000 lodges in England & Wales alone. With many hundreds of its Lodges overseas. Total Worldwide membership of many millions under other separate Grand Lodges in other countries. That means wherever you travel, you will have friends to show you the ropes.